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Client Testimonials

How happy I was to accidentally wandered into the Dramatics in my neighborhood looking to find a wonderful stylist. I had been with the same wonderful stylist for almost 20 years when he sadly passed away from cancer. I had tried a couple of people not happy either when the receptionist gave me an appointment. I lucked out- He's terrific! Not only can I totally trust him with my hair cut but as a colorist he was better than anyone.


Terry B.

Edge is by far the most talented hair dresser I have ever had. He made me a true platinum blonde when no one else could! My hair was happy and healthy in his hands. Unfortunately I had to move to Atlanta, GA and no one could do what he did. So back to brunette I went. :( Love Edge and miss him. Cherish him NYC! He is worth it!


Yasmine L.

Edge always gives fantastic haircuts. Have been going to him for 5+ years and always extremely happy with the results.


Alex R.

Edge is great- both with color and cut. I have people stop me on the street to ask about the color. Plus he's an extremely nice guy!


Naomi C.

After wearing my hair very long for 8+ years it was important to find a cut that would still make me feel confident. Edge was able to create a perfect cut with perfect highlights. My hair is extremely curly and baby fine. He has introduced me to products that tame the curls yet still add body and shine. He is vicious with a blow dryer and flat-iron. I'll follow him where ever he goes!!


Dawn J.

Edge is one of the most talented stylist that I know, in addition he's a very nice person and does not have an attitude. Being a model and actress I've worked with a large number of stylists and I have a hard time trusting them because they don't listen to what I want. I used to fly home to Chicago to see the only stylist I could trust because I've had bad experiences, all that changed the day I scouted out Dramatics. My hair was all grown out and I showed the receptionist my comp card and asked if there was anyone that could cut my hair back to it's original shape. She introduced me to Edge and he is now my favorite stylist here in NYC! He is very charming and gives a thorough consultation. He can do runway haircut/styles and he can take a normal haircut and make it look very glamorous. He will even help teach you how to style it on your own. He takes pride in his work and it shows. I have a lot of respect for him and I recommend him to all my friends and colleagues.


Amy B.

Edge.. What can I say about him? A visit with Edge is like a year's worth of anti-depressants! I feel better the moment I step in the door and he takes my limp aging locks into his hands and begins to work his magic! I feel years younger, pounds lighter and fairly dance out the door after a cut and highlights which never fail to gamer praise co-workers and of course his magical smile. Edge is the best medicine- well let's just face it. He's just the BEST!


Dayle Ann H.

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